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How to save a picture of mac

how do i save a picture on a mac

How do you save pictures on a mac ? If its a picture off of the internet, just click and drag it to your desktop or drag it to your iPhoto to save it. Hope this helps!

How do I save a picture from a website on a Mac ? you can just drag it onto your desktop. Source(s) i have a mac.

How to save a picture on a Mac ? When the picture opens, from the File menu choose Save or Save As.

How to Save a Picture Using a MacBook Pro. 1. Click the "Apple" menu, then scroll to "System Preferences. Click "Trackpad" from the "Hardware" pane. 2. Check the box next to "Secondary Tap" under "Two Fi.

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How to save pictures from your computer onto your camera? 1. Plug your card reader into your computer. Usually external card readers will connect to a computer via USB cable, but many computers come with a built-in car.

How do you save a picture on Instagram ? First, update your app to the newest version. After updating, you can save

I have the old white xbox on it i have my xbox live profile but i. First: Your save games WON'T come along with your profile, if you download it to the new console. You need a transfer cable, which is around $20.00. After you g.

How do you save Facebook pictures to an iPhone 4? Click the "add" button (looks like a + symbol in the corner) chose

How to Save Pictures in My iPhone . 1. Save pictures from the Internet by holding your finger down on the image for three seconds. Select " Save Image" from the menu. 2. Keep pictures sent to you i.

How to save a lot of pictures to my computer off of the facebook. You can just download them one by one, don't think you can download all at once.

How do you save pictures off of Google? You should right click the picture and save it in your picture file on your computer.

How to save a picture from Facebook on a Mac? You can click 'Download' or refresh the page, then it should show the old picture viewer thing. Then just right-click and save. Source(s) That's what I do. D.

Is it legal to save pictures and messages off Facebook or the Int. Yes its Legal if your Just Saving it to your Computer and Share Them With your

Husband Nobody Will know that you Saved it i Would Not Recommend Posting it on th.

How to Save Pictures From a Word Document . 1. Open up the Microsoft Word document that contains the images you want to save as separate files. If you are using Microsoft Word 2000, 2002/XP or 2003, click.

How to save pictures from facebook to iphone ? You press on the picture for a few seconds, then something will pop up saying " Save Photo" or something. If it doesn't pop up try going to the privacy settings-.

How to Receive Pictures in Text Messages With the Apple iPhone . 1. Tap the " Messages " icon. 2. Select the text message that contains a picture from the list of available text messages. 3. Scroll-down to the bottom of the tex.

Is there a fast way to save pictures off facebook ? national child abuse awarness month Was this answer helpful? Yes | No anonymous said: What practical help does this constitute? I mean does the charity actuall.

Can the nexus 7 take pictures ? Text DH MM/DD/YY or DH LEO for ur daily horoscope - or - LH MM/DD/YY or LH AQR for ur l.

How do you save pictures off of Google on to your iPod touch? Just tap and hold the image for a couple of seconds and a button should come up saying save image. If all else fails just hold the home button and sleep button.

How to use Picasa to save multiple pictures on one 4x6. 1. Launch the Picasa application. Locate and select the folder containing the images you want to combine. 2. Click the "Create Photo Collage" button to the righ.

How to Save Pictures Off a Thumb Drive to PC. 1. Plug the USB drive into the PC. A dialog box will appear asking what you would like to do with the USB drive and the computer will recognize the USB drive as.

T mobile mytouch 4g won't send pictures messages help please ? Reboot the phone. work now? If not, call T-Mobile and report the issue. you may have local network issues. Source(s) Sincerely, AndroidCore, catch us on Faceboo.

How do you save a instagram picture off of a Android ? Go on Instagram on your Android and Screenshot! For most Androids. screenshotting is usually: 1. power button and home button (if you have one) at the same time.

How do you save pictures with t-mobile mytouch ? it saves them automaticly after taking the picture. go to your gallary to see them.

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