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How to Download Instagram Videos

how do i save a video

So you want to rip some vids off Insta? No problem. It’s super easy. First off, here’s the video if you want to be guided through through the process visually, and by my not-so-masculine voice. All of this will work on Firefox or Chrome. Oh, and if you’re on an iPhone, click here for our iPhone explanation.

For the rest of you, here is the step-by-step guide for two kinds of downloads: downloading off your Instagram timeline, and downloading off

Downloading off your Insta

1. Login, then pick the video you want.

2. Click the “…” by

the image

3. Click “View Photo Page”

4. Hit View Page Source

5. Find the first .mp4

6. Copy the link

7. Paste into

8. Right click the link and hit “Save Link As”

9. Save video with the end .mp4

10. Done!

How to Download off

1. Right click video, hit “save video as” and make sure it ends with .mp4

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