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How to Download Music Videos from YouTube

It's obvious that YouTube is not purely a video sharing site, but also comes with new and cool staffs that always attract people from around the world. Many music fans like me usually search their favorite albums via YouTube, not only because it provides a large amount of music, but also because you can get music in free ways. If your width band is satisfied and you have got a third-party tool like YouTube Music Downloader (Also supports other video sharing sites like Yahoo Video, Facebook Video and more), you can get the favorite music right away. Here we recommend using two solutions for downloading online video files and extracting music from them for adding to collection.

Guide for Downloading Music from YouTube

The YouTube Downloader lets you download music from YouTube. making it extremely easy to extract sound tracks from YouTube and other online videos. You can also convert YouTube to MP3, M4A, MKV, WMV, MOV, AC3 and 100+ media formats. The guide below will show you how to extract music from YouTube by using this software.

1. Download favorite YouTube and other online videos

Download this tool from the above buttons, install it properly on your system, and then activate it, you will find the interface as below:

Go to YouTube, search for the video you like, and you will see a download icon appears on top-left above the playing video. Simply click on it to download it to your local drive. Follow the wizard to complete the related operations.

2. Extract audio from downloaded YouTube videos

As soon as you have finished downloading YouTube, you can convert YouTube to MP3. To achieve it, go to the main interface and click "Downloaded"on left pane, and then you can check the videos you got. Click "Convert"of the video clips in the list to convert them to desired formats. Check "MP3"as output in resulting dialog to start conversion. Wait a while until the conversion completes and then you can find your MP3 files in output directory. You may also set to convert all YouTube to MP3 at once and get all of them instantly.

3. Tips for downloading music from YouTube

ou can use YouTube Music Downloader to import both downloaded videos

or existing videos in your hard drive, and then convert them to MP3 and other formats. So if you already have loads of movies, you can easily convert them to MP3 and carry them with you on the road. To import files from local drive, go to "File"on top menu and choose "Import", choose to convert these videos to the formats you need when they have been loaded.

Recording Music from YouTube (Alternative Solution)

If you're hoping to extract 1:1 audio quality from YouTube you might wish to look at the qualities of the YouTube Audio Recorder, which is also able to perfectly tag the album name, cover, and artist. Using simple one-click operation, it is possible to use the app to upload songs to iTunes automatically. It is also able to create a personalized ringtone to match the extracted audio.

How the YouTube streaming audio recorder operates

1) Installing and launching the application Install the app by clicking on the Free Download link. Once the .exe file displays click it to start the installation process for the YouTube Audio Recorder. In the process of installing the app you have the option of ticking an option to launch the application on successful installation or you can wait until installed and click the icon on the desktop to run.

2) Recording audio from To operate the recording procedure and guarantee a full song recording, you should click the button marked Record before accessing the YouTube website. On arrival at search and play the tune you want to record. You should notice that the app starts to catch notes, which essentially means the software is starting to download the audio track from the chosen song. Once the recording of the YouTube audio is complete you will be given a prompt to indicate the successful download and alert you to stop the recording by once again clicking the Record button.

3) Transferring songs to iTunes Music output from the app is either M4A or MP3, which are equally iTunes friendly software formats. If hoping to transfer the downloaded songs to iTunes for easier organization, you have the option of highlighting the chosen songs and clicking the link for Add to iTunes.

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