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How Do I Save Youtube Videos On My Computer ?

How Do I Save Youtube Videos On My Computer

How Do I Save Youtube Videos On My Computer.

Youtube is the most famous video sharing website worldwide today. It allows users to store and upload videos of all sorts onto the website, including clips from movies. YouTube was created by three employees of PayPal. They were Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. While Hurley was a student of Indiana University, Pennsylvania, the others were students at University of Illinois. It was acquired by Google in October 2006.

It was in 2008 that an agreement was reached between YouTube and MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment and CBS. This allowed the broadcast of full-length films and television shows on the website accompanied by advertisements.

YouTube videos can be viewed outside its webpage as well. Each video has a HTML which is used to transfer the video to another webpage with the link. Some mobile phones with

the required technology also allow the access of YouTube videos. It is also available for viewing on a variety of Apple products. There are localized versions of the website as well, in different countries. This was launched in Paris in 2007 and is available in 22 countries.

However, when it comes to downloading YouTube videos, it does not generally provide a download link for most of its videos. The videos are intended to be seen through the website interface. There are very few videos which can be downloaded as MP4 files. These include the weekly addresses by President Barack Obama. But there are other websites and applications along with browser plug-ins which allow users to download YouTube videos. In February 2009, a test service was carried out by YouTube to allow a few partners to enable video downloads for free or for a fee through Google Checkout.

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