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How do i start a dog walking business

how do i start a dog walking business

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If you love dogs, then starting a dog walking business could be an extremely rewarding and profitable venture for you. There are many benefits and rewards to running your own business, but if being around dogs is something that you’re passionate about, then the rewards are even greater. There are many reasons why you might want to start your own dog walking business, such as:

  • Not having to answer to anyone
  • To have more freedom
  • To not have to sit at a desk all day
  • To avoid the boring day-to-day grind
  • To be able to vacation whenever you want
  • To quit making somebody else rich

That last one is the biggest reason for most people that start their own business. If you think like an entrepreneur, then the idea of making someone else rich probably drives you crazy. However, money shouldn’t be your main motivator for starting your own business. If you absolutely love what you do all day, then the money will come.

Starting A Dog Walking Business

The basic steps to starting your own dog walking business are simple: you need to be good with dogs, and you need to find at least one person who is willing to pay you to walk their dog. If you can complete those two steps, then you can do everything else necessary to grow and prosper with your business. Most people like dogs- some might not like them enough to actually have one, and some people share their bed with their dog. The key to getting a lot of dog walking clients is to show them that you love dogs as much as they love their dogs. Once you do that, they will trust you enough to pay you to walk and take care of their dog.

While there are several formalities that come with setting up any type of business, those are secondary to your ability to

provide a great service to dog owners who don’t have the time or aren’t able to walk their dog on their own. That’s where you come in. Once you get your first few clients, and thrill them with your passion and services, they will tell all of their friends who are dog owners how much they love having you come and walk their dog. I think you know what happens next…. yep, those people call you and want you to walk their dogs too.

Another important part of starting your own dog walking business is to believe in yourself enough to portray yourself as a dog expert. You need to know the basics of dog behavior, but don’t think that you need to know everything. You will gain a huge amount of experience very quickly if you just put yourself out there and get started. Like I said before, all your really need is a passion for dogs, and be physically able to walk or run dogs for a few hours each day.

How to Start a Dog Walking Business

Actually starting a dog walking business is fairly simple… you really only need one paying customer and then you’re in business! But… to do things by the book you’ll probably want to register a separate business entity, whether it’s a corporation, llc, or partnership. You should also think about setting up a separate business bank account, get a business credit card, get someway to track your appointments and expenses, and all of the other “boring” but necessary business stuff. My free mini-course on starting your own dog walking business will give your more specific details on how to actually get started, and if you want all the tricks and secrets to setting up your own super-profitable dog walking business as fast as possible, you should check out my Home Training Course .

All in all, a dog walking business is one of the easiest businesses to start, and if you love dogs(who doesn’t?), it will be an extremely rewarding(and profitable) endeavor for you…

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