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How do we save our Energy for future?

how do we save energy

How much electricity do we misuse everyday? From morning to late night, we use a lot of electricity and keep the meter running out of sheer negligence. We. show more How much electricity do we misuse everyday? From morning to late night, we use a lot of electricity and keep the meter running out of sheer negligence. We are wasteful in nature. May be, there is hardly any other country in the world that wastes so much electricity as we do.

Possibly everyone, living in the city, is well aware of the fact that there is power crisis, but still many buildings, decorated with thousands of electric bulbs hanging from the roof top for wedding ceremony, are found in the city even until late night. What hurts more, this type of programme even lasts for several days. While a group suffers due to load shedding, other groups waste a high amount of electricity just for entertainment and luxury. Many people, especially in the rural areas, pass their night without electricity. There's never enough energy to waste. It is everyone's duty to turn off the TV when no one is watching it. The same goes for computers and stereos.

We waste too much water as well as the assumption that water is cheap and seemingly abundant. We turn a tap and expect continuous flow of fresh, clean water but at what cost? While we are becoming increasingly aware of the limits of water supply, we do not generally think of water

as energy. The hidden energy related to the use of water includes the energy used to collect, convey, pump, treat, distribute, and use water, then treat the wastewater effluent. Without even taking into account the embodied energy of our water infrastructure, we see a tremendous amount of energy going down the drains. Wasting water wastes electricity.

In many households people forget to put off the gas stoves, thus wasting a considerable amount of limited gas. Some are even found drying their clothes over stoves. Against this backdrop, energy conservation strategy, like replacement of conventional incandescent lights with advanced energy efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFL), has been taken at the grassroots level. Implementing this and other energy efficiency strategies would allow valuable resources to be used efficiently and kept available for others.

There is widespread public concern all over the world about energy supplies for both present and future. Since unlimited supply and availability can no longer be taken for granted, energy considerations now need to be linked with policy making. Conservation and efficient use and wise allocation are especially important at this point. Conservation measures should be an essential part of the country's response to the long-term energy situation - both to allow more time to develop alternative sources and to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of power. In this regard, educational and publicity program should be organized to sustain public awareness on the importance of energy conservation.

Lets be a cautious. and think for future.

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