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How do we save the earth

how do we save the earth

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As sorry as I am to say this, but we will NEVER be able to save earth.

We thought we got this planet from previous generations. We took it for granted, we impaled it for coal, petroleum and minerals, for our own selfish interests, we burned it to encroach more and more land, we brought down forests, turned them to ashes and dust. We dumped toxic waste in the seas because nature provides us with a ginormous dump yard right?

Let's be frank with ourselves here, what have we REALLY done for this planet? And what are we willing to sacrifice for the future of this planet? For the future of the human race?

In case people didn't notice, it's getting difficult to breathe. Countries are hit by catastrophic natural calamities and the ferocity of these events keeps on increasing every year. Do you think it's a coincidence that strange weather is reported from so many

parts of the world so frequently? The polar vortex in the previous year literally freezing half of USA? The occurrence of so many hurricanes leading to enormous losses of human lives? These are all signs of climate change that experts have warned about for so many years now, and now we can do nothing to reverse them.

Yet we see governments exploiting this planet's natural resources to get an edge over other countries- What wouldn't they do to earn a few extra bucks now. And earmarking part of their budget to 'save the environment' is a stitch too late. We have all these global summits where we aim to reduce our contribution towards environment decimation and take no concrete steps, and we remain optimistic that we'll save this planet after this extensive damage?

Planet earth was given on loan to us, and we defaulted on that loan a long time ago.

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