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How do you address save the dates

how do you address save the dates

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Assign each addressee a title. Unmarried females or divorced females who use their maiden name should be addressed as "Miss" or "Ms."An unmarried male is addressed as "Mr." Married couples are addressed either as "Mr. and Mrs. husband's full name", or as "Mr. and Mrs. husband and wife's full name." For married couples with different last names, use separate "Mr." and "Mrs." for each on a separate line with the wife's name preceding the husband (that is, the wife's full name on the first line, and the husband's full name on the second). For couples at the same address who are not married, the names should be addressed as "Miss" and "Mr." on separate lines in alphabetical order. Judges are titled "The Honorable," and with wife "The Honorable and Mrs." Medical doctors are titled "Doctor" while PhDs are labeled "Dr." Follow the title with their full name (no nicknames) and make sure to spell them correctly.

Follow the names with the house or apartment information, the city, state

and Zip code.


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