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How to Become a Business Consultant

how do you become a business consultant

Many companies hire consultants to help them get on track in various areas of their business. The business consulting industry is growing due to corporate cutbacks and the technology to work from home. Most business consultants earn anywhere from $30 to $400 per hour. To become a business consultant, you don't need a college degree. You do need some knowledge of the field in which you will consult.

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Decide what type of business consultant you would like to be: accounting, marketing, writing, public relations or some other niche. There are many areas of business consulting. Search your background so you can offer your expertise to other businesses.

Check to see if you need a business license or if there are any requirements from your city

or county before you start your business.

Prepare a business plan, organize yourself, and set up your business to be efficient. If you're working from home set up a designated office area.

Make sure you have the qualifications for the type of business consultant you plan to become. Check out the trends in the industry, and stay up on the changes.

Network. Talk to people, and let them know what you're doing. Visit businesses, and join your local Chamber of Commerce and/or other organizations to help you meet potential clients.

Decide what corporate status you'd like for your business. Should you incorporate, and if so, which form of incorporation is best for you?

Market yourself through cold calling, referrals, public speaking, advertising, writing articles or direct mail.

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