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wiseGEEK: How Do I Become a Financial Reporting Analyst?

A financial reporting analysis produces business reports for companies.

A financial reporting analyst is a person who is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the financial records of a company to determine his or her financial outlook. He or she may also create detailed written reports based on his or her findings. To become a financial reporting analyst. you must obtain a high diploma or a similar certificate. After you obtain your high school diploma, you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a similar business related degree. Internships and additional field certifications can also help you to advance in this career and to gain the experience necessary to find a permanent position.

One of the first steps to become a financial reporting analyst is to obtain a high school diploma. Since financial reporting analysts are required to have good math and communication skills, it is important that you take courses in language, writing, and mathematics to help you learn these skills. Courses in public speaking, accounting, and business would be helpful as well.

You should additionally seek enrollment at a college or university that offers a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a business-related degree program. The typical bachelor’s degree program for accounting often takes up to four years to obtain a degree. To become a

financial reporting analyst, you will need to take courses to learn about and understand accounting statements such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements. In addition, you should also learn how to use different types of accounting software programs.

Since some employers seek financial reporting analysts with previous experience, it may be wise to try to obtain an accounting internship while in college. If you are not able to obtain an internship, you may be able to obtain experience by working as an entry-level accountant or bookkeeper. Some employers also prefer to hire employees who have obtained certifications such as a Certified Public Accountant or a Chartered Financial Analyst. The requirements for these exams may vary based on your jurisdiction, education, and work experience.

Most financial reporting analysts work in office setting on a full-time basis. In addition to analyzing financial statements. they may also help prepare tax statements for companies and provide consulting services in areas such as taxation and investing. Due to handling complex financial statements and information, successful financial reporting analysts must have to ability to communicate their findings in simple terms through oral and writing communication. Many financial reporting analysts advance into management positions after they gain at least two to four years of experience.

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