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How To Dress Business Casual – Get Smart Office Style

how do you dress business casual

The workplace may be getting increasingly casual (we’re blaming you and those damn Adidas sandals, Zuckerberg), but that doesn’t mean you should look like every other cubicle-bound drone at the office.

Think of what you went through to get that job, of all that time spent polishing your resume and brushing up on your interview skills. Now do you really want to celebrate your success by looking like a schlub?

Business casual is the way to go, but does anyone actually understand what ‘business casual’ is? Dressing five days a week in ill-fitting shirts, baggy trousers and indistinguishable blazers isn’t it – and it’s definitely not the way to climb the corporate ladder.

The first and most important advice

Please, for the love of all that is holy and tailored, purchase clothing that fits you properly. Nothing ruins an outfit – whatever the dress code and no matter how expensive the clothes are – like wearing something that doesn’t fit. The first secret to looking smart is sizing correctly. Once you’ve nailed the fit, you can start building out your wardrobe. We recommend beginning with pieces that are easy to mix and match, so you can get the most possible bang for

your buck.

After you’ve built a solid closet full of staples, you can start getting more creative, but for now let’s stick to the basics.

The Business Casual Essentials

This is where the mix-and-match approach is really key. If you build your selection of essentials carefully, you’ll be able to achieve maximum levels of versatility with minimum levels of effort (which is crucial in the mornings, when you haven’t had your coffee yet).


We’ve already put the kibosh on shapeless shirts. so let’s move straight on to colours. Solids are obviously the easiest to match, so focus at first on standards like white, light blue and pale pink. Once you’re set on that front, you can move into brighter colours and bolder patterns. Always keep in mind that you should be more business than casual, so only wear a shirt if the collar can stand up without a tie. Stiff is always better than limp, right gents?

The Optional Business Casual Extras

If you really want an outfit that says “I’m headed straight to the top, better start clearing out that corner office ASAP,” you’re ready to throw these optional business casual extras into the mix:

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