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How to save a gif as a gif

how do you save a gif

How to Save a GIF File. 1. Open the graphics program and then open the GIF image within the graphics program (File, "Open" and then navigate to the location of the GIF file on your com.

How to Edit Saved GIFs . 1. Click the "Start" button and choose "All Programs, then "Accessories" and then "Paint. The Paint window appears. 2. Click the "File" icon in the upper left a.

How Can I save A gif image as a Gif image? if you have a spyware or a virus computer you wont be able to save a gif i thing you need to do a recovery on your own computer.

How do you save a GIF ? depends on the program you are using. in ms Paint or Photoshop you can do Save As. and pick. gif (compuserve gif its sometimes called) from the file type menu.

How to Save a GIF in GIMP If you are using a simple graphic in a web page, a GIF file may be appropriate. GIMP can be used to produce such files.

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Saving JPEGs and GIF VB? In your existing code you are opening the filename specificied by savefilebox. All you really want is to use filebox to return a valid filename and give user.

. gif file as windows 7 background ? It activates dreamscene, so you can have video's and gifs as an animated wallpaper. Source(s) Used it.

I have a jpg file which i want to ad an image watermark to in pho. Hello Ed! Here're some tips: Open the image that you want to watermark. You can embed only one watermark per image. The Embed Watermark filter won't workon an i.

How to Make Gifs Into Live Wallpaper . 1. Use an application or Web service such as GIF to AVI SWF Converter, River Past Video Cleaner or Open Video Convertor to convert the GIF you'd like to use as.

How to Save Animated GIFs to the Computer. 1. Place your cursor over the GIF file you're saving. 2. Right-click over the file. A menu opens. 3. Click " Save Image As" inside of the menu. A window opens. 4.

How can i save it as movie and as a gif .plz help? Well the first step is to render separate images, which I'm guessing you've already done. And being a Maya user, I'm guessing/hoping you have Photoshop, which i.

How do i transfer / save a PDF file to an image file e.g jpeg or. Open it in a

window so you can see all of it. Take a screen-grab, open that in any paint application you have, crop it and save the image in whatever format you.

How to save original gif on Photoshop CS5 ? Go to File > Save for Web and Devices and look at the top of the window. On the left you'll see four tabs: Original, Optimized, 2-Up, 4-Up. Click the Original t.

Gif Animation, Can anybody give me the idea that how to save some. Points refunded and moved to PAQ ** Mindphaser - Community Support Moderator **

How do you save an animated GIF on Photoshop CS4 ? hi. photoshop CS4 can export GIF animator. try again. select layer want to save GIF. file > Save As web > change pic type to GIF. loop > forever. and click save.

How would I save the file type (jpg, gif or png ) of the original. Have a look on this code. hope it would work fine. FileUpload1.SaveAs(@"C:\pathToDir\images\" + Label5.Text + FileUpload1.FileName.Substring(FileUpload1.FileN.

How to Make GIF Animations in Photoshop CS3 . 1. Open Photoshop. Select "File" and click "New. In the dialog box that pops up, enter the size you want for your animated graphic. A standard banner size is 46.

How do I make Adobe Photoshop save JPEG and GIF files valid for s. Sometimes when you use Save As in Adobe Photoshop. the saved images may not look very good when compiled in a screensaver.

How to Create an Animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop Elements. 1. Open Adobe Photoshop Elements and create a new file. A good size to practice with is 300 by 300 pixels at 72 dpi. You can select a transparent background, as.

How to Make a GIF File Size Smaller . 1. Open the graphic in Photoshop or the program that was used to create the graphic. 2. Click " File " and select " Save for Web & Devices. 3. Click the tab at the.

How to Make Animated Gifs With GIMP . 1. Launch GIMP. and create a new document by choosing "File, then "New, or by pressing Ctrl-N. Choose the width and height of your animation in the dialog that.

Gif To Swf Converter - CNET Gif To Swf Converter is an easy-to-use program that allows users to convert GIF. mentions that it's possible to capture a frame from an animated GIF and save itВ .

How to Save Animated GIFs With Photoshop CS5. 1. Click on your animated GIF in Photoshop's animation tool to select it. This will look like a series of frames on your screen. 2. Click "File" and select " Sav.

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