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August 19, 2015


“The way to wealth depends primarily in just two words: Work and frugality”. This words belong to Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the US back in the eighteenth century. In RedCoach we take this statement very seriously. We work every day to provide the best service, but we also think of our passengers and their need to save money.

As everyone knows, saving is a part of money we keep, to spend when needed later. Saving is very important, and traveling in buses with cheap fares is a good way to save. But often, we don’t want to give up comfort, schedules or quality of service.

RedCoach is the first luxury bus company in Florida, and throughout the United States! While we know that there are cheaper companies as Greyhound or Megabus, we give you some some tips for traveling with the comfort and luxury of RedCoach, but with very cheap fares.


– If you travel on Wednesdays and Saturdays, in any of our services, in any route (except for Jacksonville, which always has very convenient prices), you can save 15% compared to any other day of the week.

– If you are traveling with a child under 7 years old, the child will have a 15% discount over the total purchase.

– Senior citizens over 62 years old have a 10% discount, over any of our rates.

– In the Route Between Orlando-Miami, If you travel with a friend, familiar or colleague and make the purchase for the same service, same day, same route, and in one transaction, you automatically get a 10% discount. If you are traveling with two other partners, you get a 15% discount; and you will not believe this: if you travel with 3 other passengers (ie 4 or more persons together) you will get a 20% discount in the total purchase.

– If you are a Student and you registered your student ID in our website, once it is approved you get a 10% discount on your purchase in all routes (regardless if you are using it to travel from the University to visit your family, or if you are having a weekend with your friends in Disney).

-If your final destination is far from our station or stop, don’t spend lots of money on a taxi! RedCoach can take you to your final location  for an additional minimum starting at $13 per person (only applies to certain areas of Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville).

– If you need to buy a Round-trip, do it all together in the

same transaction and the system will automatically apply at least a 10% discount.

– If you are completely sure of your travel date and time, you can buy the NON-REFUNDABLE NO-CHANGES fare, and you will save 5% over the STANDARD fare, and 10% over the REFUNDABLE. But remember, this fare is NON REFUNDABLE, and it cannot be cancelled or changed; so if you can’t travel on the day you choose, your lose your ticket. Also, we suggest you to buy ahead of time (we recommend at least 2 or 3 weeks), since the seats in that fare are limited.

What is the good thing on these discounts? They are cumulative. Yes, all the discounts described above can be accumulated. Let’s see a couple of examples:

– Traveling in the route Tallahasse-Tampa, on a Friday Business Service, you would pay $60 with the Standard Fare. But if, for example, you travel the next day (Saturday), and pay the Non-Refundable fare, you pay $47. If you are also a student you have an additional $10% off, then you would pay $42. And if you want to save even more, buy the round trip. Of course, you think you have to pay $42 for the first leg, and $42 for the return leg, but NO: instead of paying $84 for your ride, buying the round trip you will get at least an extra 10% discount, and you would be paying $74, which would make $37 each leg. If you compare with the original $60 one-way, you are getting a 40% discount… that’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

– Now, let’s say you are traveling from Miami to Orlando with your 4 members family, to spend some days on Disney. If you travel on a Friday in a First Class Service, a one-way ticket with the Standard Fare would be $69. If you choose to travel on a Saturday, it would be $55 instead. Also, if there were a senior citizen and a child, they would have 10% and 15% discount, respectively. That would make the senior ticket $49, and the child ticket $46. Supposing the other 2 passengers were adults, it would make a total of $205, which is a good saving… but there is more! For being 4 passengers traveling together, you would have an extra 20% discount. Then, the trip for the 4 passengers would be only $164, making a final price of $41 for each passenger. If you compare it to the initial price of $69 each ticket, you would be saving 40%! Isn’t it perfect to save money on family vacations?

If you are looking to travel comfortable, with the best seats you can imagine, and save money, then RedCoach is your best choice!

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