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Software. Change Movie Speed On IMovie 08?

how do you save on imovie

Dec 19, 2007

I'm using the new iMovie 08 and I love it.

However I'm missing the capability to alter a video clip's speed (slow-motion/high speed).

It can't be done via iMovie, can it?

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Applications. The Bad Quality Of A Movie After Using Imovie

IMac. How To Save A Movie On Imovie

MacBook Pro. How To Create A DVD Movie From IMovie

MacBook Pro. How To Speed Up A Movie Import From Canon GL2 To FCP X

How do I speed up a movie import from a Canon GL2 to FCP X?  Right now it just plays back at normal speed, and imports at the same rate.

Applications. Won't Add Music To A Movie In IMovie / Crashed

Jun 19, 2008

I have been trying to add music to a movie in iMovie. However, when I click the music button, it just presses and releases, and no music list appears. It used to, but now it doesn't. So no way to add music.

Also, after doing the most basic things, such as creating one slide with just text, iMovie decides to crash, and the spinning colour wheel appears.

Both of these issues have only recently started happening. It is running on the latest 2.4GHz iMac with 3GB RAM, and only safari and messenger running in the background. It is very annoying, and I don't know how to resolve it.

OS X. Exporting Movie From Full HD IMovie 09 To Toast 10 Pro?

I am soon going to be

buying a Sony HDR-XR520V and I already have iLife 09 installed on my Mac Pro. I will also be buying Roxio Toast 10 Pro and a Bluray Drive to be able to watch my videos on my HD television. Now I need to know if I can export to Toast 10 in 1920 by 1080 Interlaced or not? I'm sure its possible but when I look at the Share option for iMovie 09 the largest resolution is 960 by 540 which is half of what I want. Any ideas on how to do this?

OS X. Import Movie File To Edit With IMovie?

Jun 2, 2009

I sent my files from my PC to a MAC in mp4 format. However, I cannot open the files with quicktime (only with VLC) and I cannot figure out how to edit the videos using iMovie because iMovie will not let my import them.

Software. Movie Squashed/Cut Off In IMovie/iDvd?

May 2, 2010

I've attempted to reconstruct an old black and white film from parts off YouTube in iMovie, which has worked fine. The scenes fit together seamlessly and the subtitles are easily legible.

The problem, however, is that once I burn this via iDVD and play it on my TV, the heads of the actors are cut off at the top of the screen and the subtitles are cut off/cut in half at the bottom of the screen.

I've tried everything I can think of to correct this so that everything fits as you would expect on the screen, but so far to no avail.

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