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how do you save youtube videos free download

how do you save videos

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Downloading YouTube Videos is very simple but to some people it looks impossible. Don’t give up yet, it can be done very easily if you know how.

If you’re using Mac OS X:

1. Visit the YouTube video page, let the video load and open Safari’s Activity window.

2.Rename the file to something descriptive. You can now use a video converter to convert the video to iPod, etc.

3.Double-click the link/URL of the video file to download it and save it on your pc.

You can download all the YouTube videos you want and save them on your PC. You can even watch them on your iPod, Zune, PSP or any similar media player device. This article shows you a simple method that you can use to download and save videos from the YouTube website. Lets get started.

Follow these easy steps if you’re using Windows:

1. You will need some software to help you achieve this task so first download and install the free Firefox web browser and the Greasemonkey extension for this browser.

2. To download YouTube videos, just load the video as usual and click on the “Download Video” beneath the screen to save the file to your computer. You may find it helpful to rename the video into something descriptive at this stage. You can now use any video converter to convert your video to iPod, PSP or Zune compatible.

There is also some other type of software that you can use to download YouTube videos and save them on your PC. The method outlined above is just one of the many different methods that you can use. There are many other ways to download videos from YouTube but as you can see this method is very easy to do.

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How to Save YouTube Videos

Many of you out there probably have used YouTube before. It’s that nifty little site where you can watch the lives and antics of millions of people out there.

And then you probably came across a video clip you wish you could have saved onto your computer for a later viewing. Well, now you can!

Required Tools

1) FLV Player. a interactive media player

2) Greasemonkey, an addon for Mozilla Firefox


1) Install Greasemonkey onto your Firefox browser by clicking on the download link at the link above.

2) Now, every time you watch a Youtube video, there should be a little red bar at the top of your window that says “Save As to download flash video”.

3) Save it to whatever name you want, but add on the extension of “.flv” at the end of the name.

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How to Save YouTube videos - There are thousands of interesting videos in YouTube, and they cannot be enjoyed within a day or two. Moreover, it is possible that people, who post the videos in the website, may remove them after certain amount of time. Few videos are quite interesting and can be watched any number of times leisurely.

If you don’t want to miss out the enjoyment watching all the funny and educating videos or want to store few of them for enjoying them anytime, then it is recommended you save YouTube videos to your hard disk. Isn’t it a good idea? Are you wondering if it is possible to do? Yes, it is!

You may use the easy to use and free software, YouTube Downloader software to download and convert to any other formats suitable for iPods, MP3, Windows Media, and even cell phone, any YouTube video and the videos from any other site.

How to Save YouTube videos using this software?

First save this YouTube Downloader software for free – no registration or trial period. It is the easiest process you would have ever done or imagine. Just mention the URL or the website address of the video you want to download. Then, press Ok. The download will begin.

Another great reason to save Youtube videos from YouTube if you’re an internetmarketer is to embed it in your own website. Yes, you just embed it also to post it on your blog or website. But if you save it, you could do your own editing of the video and probably add some your own or additional useful information. (Note: Make sure that you pay attention to copyrights rules.)

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