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How to Download & Save Videos from Facebook to Computer Without Using any Software

how do you save videos from facebook

Подробнее о видео

Using this trick you can download any Facebook video to computer without any software. All you need to do is just follow the guide below:

1. First of visit the video page on Facebook and check the URL of the video. Let us have an example

2. Now what you need to do is change above url to the mobile version url. All you need to do is switch "www" with "m" as shown below:

3. Here on this page, play video and watch it for 5-10

second and then pause, then pause the video. (If possible, view full video)

4. Make right click on video and you will get the option "Save video as" just click on it.

5. Now you will get pop up to download the video. Simply rename the video and save where ever you want to store it in your hard

This is the only Facebook trick which works 100%. So if you don't have time for downloading extension and software give a try to this.

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