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How To Download And Save YouTube Videos

how do you save videos from youtube

Downloading and saving YouTube videos is perhaps the only option left to you if you have poor internet connection. Unfortunately, this is the reality of most bloggers and webmasters who must content with YouTube daily but to their dismay, cannot stream videos live. What is the solution? It appears that simply downloading the video and saving it may serve the purpose. Whoever, how do you achieve that since YouTube has no built-in downloader?

Why You May Need To Download Videos

Amongst the many reasons you may need to download and save videos from YouTube, the following are quite notorious:

Poor Network: If you have poor network signal, and cannot access 3G for instance, streaming live videos from YouTube may be a challenge. In such an instance, you may consider downloading and saving the videos instead.

Convenience: You may wish to download videos onto your PC because of the convenience factor. Stored videos can be shared with friends and family even when there exists no internet connection. Also, if the downloaded

video is about a tutorial, you may be able to follow it better if you have downloaded and saved it somewhere.

To Ensure You Always Have Access To The Video: YouTube has a number of TOS that may not guarantee that a video is up for long. However, a saved video on your desktop stays there as long as you desire it to be.

How To Download And Save YouTube Videos

The procedure for saving YouTube videos is as simple as following the instructions here:

  1. Visit
  2. Insert the URL of the particular video you wish to download.
  3. Click the download button.
  4. Viola! No matter how slow your connection is, you’d sure have a video (that won’t break) after the download has had its course. is quite a versatile tool. It does not limit its ability to only YouTube. If you have the URL of any other video (site), you may as well experiment! The result would surely amaze you!

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