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How do you save water

how do you save water

Take a shower instead of bathe, will reduce consumption significantly.

Do not use running water to thaw food. Think ahead and take out food from the freezer the day before.

Make sure the washer and dishwasher with the optimal load for the type of washing.

Place filters in water-saving taps and showers. Will reduce consumption by almost 50%.

Use dual-flush toilets or savings system: you’ll spend half.

Do not throw the toilet nothing more than is strictly necessary. Whenever the tank strips spend between 6 and 12 liters of water. In addition, pull drains can clog drains and hinders the work of purification.

Repair leaking faucets. Although it appears that a drop is not much, calculates the number of drops of water after a day lose. 30 drops per minute is 15 liters of water a day.

When you brush your teeth, use a glass. Do not leave the tap running. Fill the sink to wash moderately face, hands or shaving. You’ll save 12 liters a minute.

Do not use the toilet as a trash can, put a trash can. Saves 6 to 12 liters each time.

Close slightly the stopcock housing will not notice the

difference and save a lot of water daily.

Repairs leaking faucets or shower or cambial by mixing systems. You’ll save an average of 170 liters of water a month. Put saving devices on taps and showers, will reduce consumption by almost 50%.

Use the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads and the appropriate program. When you hand wash consume 40% more water.

Water your plants and garden at dusk or dawn. Use automatic sprinkler systems, drip or spray.

Install a dual flush cistern. Half will reduce water consumption.

Take a shower instead of bathe and close the tap while soaping. You’ll save half of 150 gallons each time.

Contact your municipality to report water leaks.

Always use common sense and do not waste a drop of water.

Garden of low water consumption

Meet the microclimate of your garden.

Select plants that suit him.

Group the plants according to their consumption of water to aid the economy of the irrigation system.

Choose native plants need only a small contribution of water in the warmer months.

Use ground cover or lawn substitute coverts.

Use a recycled water system for fountains and ponds.

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