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The Roblin and Shell River Economic Development Office would like to see you succeed in business. If you require more information on starting a business or business planning, please contact our office at 204-937-8640.

How do I write a business plan?

Your business plan is the most important business document you will ever prepare and it is also probably the most difficult. It takes a lot of time, research, self-discipline, and commitment to complete properly and is not a lot of fun. However, regardless of whether you intend to start a small, part-time business in the basement of your home or launch a sophisticated, high-growth venture, you still need a business plan.

A business plan outlines your business objectives and your strategies to achieve them within a budget. Business plans are important for three reasons:

  • A business plan helps evaluate your business idea and decide whether or not to proceed with the venture
  • It helps improve your chance of success by setting out realistic goals and financial projections
  • A business plan helps obtain financing. Financial institutions and other lending agencies require a detailed business plan before they will

    consider lending you money.

Who should write your business plan?

You should write your own business plan. It should be a personal expression of your overall plans, presented in a polished, professional format. In a clear and concise way, you must be able to communicate your understanding of what you must do, as well as describe the key success factors and the potential risks.

What does a buisness plan look like?

A business plan should be comprehensive, but also brief. You should discuss important things once, in appropriate sections with clear headings. The ideal length is 10 to 20 pages. Business plan templates are available at the Roblin & Shell River Economic Development Office.

How do I register my business name?

The name of your business must be registered if you intend to carry on business under some name other than your family name, you are associated in a partnership (even if both names are part of business name), and if your business name - even though it uses your family name - indicates that more than one person is involved in conducting the business, e.g. Jones & Company.

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