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How does business work

how does business work

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Start Up

Avon Products has been a business option for women and men for many years. If you believe you could sell Avon products, which include cosmetics, holiday decorations, clothing, jewelry, toys, movies and other gift items, you can contact an Avon manager to sign. There is a small fee to show that you are serious about becoming an Avon salesperson. You may also contact the company online or find a manager in your area. Avon is sold in several countries. You can sell in person or can be an Internet representative. Avon offers samples so you can show customers new products.

Selling the Product

When you sign up to sell Avon you must fill out paperwork that will be turned in to the company. Your Avon manager has a team that helps to train you and gives guidance to get your business going. You will be an independent, self-employed Avon representative. You will be given a few catalogs to help you take orders for your first campaign. A new campaign starts every two weeks. You have one week to get orders and turn them in. You can place orders online by logging to the Avon website. The order is shipped to you within a few days. You must pack each individual order in Avon bags that you buy from the company. Make out a receipt for the customer. Tax is charged on purchases. You earn a percentage from each item sold. There are different percentages paid on items. You need to pay strict attention to your accounting. It is imperative that you collect payments from customers before allowing anyone to have their Avon

products. You are fully responsible for the money collected and owed to Avon. Always take care of that first before paying yourself.


Open your Avon order as soon as possible after it is delivered. Check to make sure that nothing is missing. Check for any shipping damage. Remove Avon brochures. Check your notifications and find out when the order due date is for the brochures and write the date on the back along with your name and phone number. Pack orders and deliver them as soon as possible. Collect customer orders for the next campaign so that you can get your order ready to submit to the company. If you work diligently at selling Avon and getting your customer base built up, you can earn extra income. If you meet a specific sales quota over a year, you can be inducted into the Presidents' club. This gives the benefit of earning additional percentages on orders. You will also be invited to a yearly banquet where President Club members are awarded with the Mrs. Albee statue of the year. These statuettes are in honor of the first Avon lady that sold door to door. Consider asking a trustworthy friend to sell at her workplace and offer her a discount on the purchases she makes. Many Avon sales reps have had success with this help in their independent business.


Avon is a quality product to sell. You can do well with it if you work hard at keeping up with orders and payments. If you work your way to President's Club you can buy demo products at a less expensive cost and will earn a better income.

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