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I oftentimes get requests from friends and family, “can you look up the company XYZ Company for me?”

I always oblige and look up the BBB Business Review for them and share it with them.  However, what I need to do is empower them to look it up themselves.  Contrary to what people may think, BBB employees don’t have insider information, the report I look up, is exactly what they would find by going to and checking out a business or charity on their own.

So the first step to researching a company is to go to  Then type in your zipcode and it will take you to your BBB.  You can research a specific company at Check out a Business or Charity. or search for a business you can trust in our Find an Accredited Business section.

So lets say you need a roofer, you will go to type in

your zip code, click  on the orange bar that says find an accredited business and then search Roofing Contractors.  From here you can see a directory of Roofers in your area.  You can check out each Business’ Review.  The Business Reviews contain: ratings, customer reviews, complaint details, website, contact information and if you are interested you can electronically request an estimate from the company directly from their business review.

The best part is that BBB’s Business Reviews are free to the public.  So the next time you are in need of a roofer, plumber, auto repairman, window installer, etc. start your search with trust at .

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Posted by Trisha Sefakis on March 12, 2013.

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