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How long before savings bonds mature

how long before savings bonds mature

Savings Bond Mature

They won't "mature" for 30 years.

The word mature now means, they will stop paying interest at that time.

The word *used* to mean when the bond reached face value--this is now a moving target, but often takes 20 years.

5 years and any bank will cash.

Martin Said:

how long does it take a $100 savings bond to mature ?

We Answered:

7 to 10 years. You can look on the savings bond web site

Gerald Said:

How many years does it take for a US savings bond to mature. And how would I know if my bonds have matured ?

We Answered:

Go to this website or put "US EE/E bonds" into google and click on the links.

A US Savings Bond (EE Bond) takes "about 17 years to mature -

then they continue to earn interest until year 30 (thirty).

You buy them at 1/2 price (or someone who gave it to you buys it at 1/2 price). This means you pay $50.00 for a $100.00 bond and in 17 years it will be worth $100.00. The "extra" $50.00 is 17 years of interest.

If you cash it in beofer 17 years - the $100.00 bond will be worth more than $50.00 and less than $100.00.

If you cash it in before 5 years you lose three months of interest.

You can cash it in for the $50.00 (if it is a $100.00 bond) after 12 months (one year).

Many smaller banks no longer cash these bonds and a lot of large banks don't either. Call a bank that you have an account with and ask them if the cash US Savings bonds .

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