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How long does financial aid last?

how long does financial aid last

Question: I'm in a bind right now, this is my second year at a community college and i'm taking my prerequisites for the nursing program. Now the nursing program takes about 2 years to finish. I'm worried because I feel that I am behind and that i might not be able to finish my prereqs until next year, which means that it will take 3 years to finish my prereqs and an additional 2 years for the nursing program. I want to know if i'll still be funded by financial aid or that i will be cut off by the end of the 4th year. Thanks in advance for reading my question.


Financial aid does not have a "time limit" per se, although there is cut-off after a maximum number of hours you have earned (receiving financial aid or not). Generally you are allowed fin aid for 150% of hours required to get a degree from that school. Your school should be able to provide you with a specific number of hours.

Remember the number of hours you are allowed may be different from school to school. Example: A community college may have a limit of around 95 hours while a 4 year college might have a limit of 180 hours or more.

If you do exceed this number the school should have an appeals process, and many nursing students, loaded down with prerequisites, go through the same process and worries as you. I've seen some transfer to 4 year schools to keep their fin aid eligibility. Good Luck.

Have you hugged your financial aid officer today. -) You will not be cut off by the end of your forth year. Financial aid does not have a "time limit," it is based on income and need, so as long as your income falls within the guidelines and you continue to make acceptable progress (don't completely fail too many classes), you should still recieve financial aid.

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