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How long will my savings last

how long will my savings last

Do you need help with any of the following issues in your life? …

    How will my family pay the bills if I die? How long will my savings last in retirement? How will I pay the bills if I am unable to work through illness or disability? How much do I need to save towards my retirement? How can I get a decent return on my savings and investments? How can I best deal with my pension fund?

We can help you achieve your long- term security in an easy to understand way.

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About the firm - with us it’s personal!

Miles Moseley set up the firm in 1990 after a turbulent few years in the financial services business firstly as a partner in a previously successful Tunbridge Wells practice then a freelance consultant working for an insurance broker in Sevenoaks.

After joining the first firm the effects of the 1980's recession were beginning to hit and Miles ended up by writing cheques to the firm to keep it running due to a collapse in business - clearly not a great state of affairs! After leaving he joined a long established Sevenoaks brokerage and within 6 months of starting was offered a directorship. Unfortunately there were some unacceptable strings attached and Miles decided to set up on his own.

Miles wanted to create a financial planning firm that would cater for a small number of clients

who wanted an individual and personal financial planning service, an aim which is still being achieved after more than 20 years. Miles now looks after the financial affairs of around 50 clients. Miles does most of the work himself, including all the financial planning, investment planning and portfolio management and therefore all clients speak to Miles and Miles alone. There are no other front- line staff.

Miles started his career as a civil engineer with a degree from Kings College London. After five years on various sites and a two year spell in a design office he decided that he would prefer a career in the life insurance business and joined London Life as a consultant. Unfortunately that company ceased to exist after two years and Miles joined Clerical Medical as a broker consultant where he reached a top- ten position within another two years. He was enticed away to the Tunbridge Wells practice soon after this.

Miles lives near Maidstone with his wife and has two grown up children. His hobbies include anything DIY, boarding guide dogs, restoring, maintaining and riding motorcycles (he is also a qualified advanced riding instructor), driving his sports car on various race tracks in the UK and France and camping holidays in Europe.

He has also accumulated a small buy- to- let property portfolio. He has restored several of the properties himself and is a reasonably competent plumber and qualified electrician.

You can read more about Miles' qualifications (and see a photograph!) by clicking here.

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