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Working Days in 2014

how many business days are in a year

Using the interactive calendar table below you can easily find the number of working (business) days and hours in the 2014 year. The cumulative numbers for consecutive months and quarters are shown on the right. The calculations assume "standard" full-time employee work week, i.e. Monday-Friday, which gives 40 hours a week. The actual number of working days is usually lower than the numbers shown because of the additional personal / sick time per year. If you click on any given date you can mark it as working or non-working.

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Explanations to the table

  • Consecutive capital letters in table cells stand for weekdays, eg. M - Monday, F - Friday.
  • Non-working days are marked with orange color for Saturdays or Sundays and with green for federal holidays.
  • If you click on a chosen day you can flip its status from non-working to working and vice versa.
  • If you change any day's category the results will be updated instantaneously.

Although the calculator was designed with United States working days in

mind it can be used also for counting working days in other countries — just click the "Count Federal Holidays as working days" checkbox. It will remove any Federal Holidays from calculations and you will be able to mark days of your choice as non-working.

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How the custom links work?

If you would like to keep the changes you have made to the table you can obtain a unique link to the table by clicking on the "Get link to the modified table" button at the bottom of the table. Use this link to load the table with the changes you've made. Please, remember that every subsequent change will require to generate a new link.

The custom link can also be used to easily share the modified table with other people — just send them the link and they will see the modified working days table.

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