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How Much to Charge for Business Cards

You know business card nowadays are getting cheaper and better than it used to be. Twenty years ago, I remember it would cost me $40 for 250 of them and about $100-200 for 1000 of them.

Staples, for instance, charges $4.99 for 250 of them. Office Depot also prints business cards now for $9.99 for 100 of them. Vistaprint charges $10-$15 for 250 of them, sometimes they offer the first 250 for FREE. Depends if you catch them on sale! But all of these business cards are pre-designed. And the plate is already made. So all you have to do is update the text but you cannot change the design.

As far as design is concerned I just found out from Vistaprint, that you can create your own custom designed for the same amount you’re paying the pre-made designs they have in there. They are actually making this pretty easy for us designers and novice altogether. You don’t need a designer to do this. You can make your own custom made designed business cards for the cost of peanuts!

Production of business cards nowadays is cheap. Unlike 20 years ago, it will cost you a fortune. But Vistaprint can do a better job and the first time you order oftentimes it’s free. Or it’ll only cost you around $12. So long as you keep their designs and all you do really is add your name, address, telephone, and all information necessary for your business. They already have the orginal design made up and all they do is replace the new text on their original comprehensive.

How much would you charge for a simple business card?

If you are designing a brand new logo and you want to incorporate that in your new design and you’re creating a whole different format, you have to pay for the plate on this to produce a brand new business cards. The plate is the one that cost a fortune then. And way back then it used to cost between $40-$100. Depends on what design this is whether this is black and white, CMYK, embossed, etc.

But now that

is not a problem. I just checked Vistaprint latest pricing on a brand new design for a business card; I don’t think it will cost you a fortune. If they’re having sales, a brand new design, this will cost you less than $10 for 250 of them!

Now, I’m not sure if you can make money selling business cards. But if the client needs a brand new logo for his business cards, that’s the way to make more money on business cards. Printing business cards nowadays are a lot cheaper compare to 20 years ago.

But here is a rule of thumb when you’re pricing something…

If this cost you $20 to produce it, you want to double your price to $40. Some of the printers, if you have a business license they give you 20% discount right away in all of your printing, which makes you a sub-contractor or vendor for them. You can make more money that way. But you have to present to them your business license. This is applicable here in California. I don’t know if this is true in another state or country. You should ask your own local printer.

Anyway, in the past I have always used this book Graphic Artist Guild Pricing Guideline to guide me in all of my graphic design pricing and gave me ideas how much to charge exactly. Not only that, it guide me what to write and include in my contract. I just ordered an updated one and mine should be coming between 5-10 days. And as soon as I get the book, I will write more about this. Perhaps gives you an example and let you know exactly what’s on there. This might be a good product review for you before you buy it. I know this book is an excellent guideline for all kinds of designs online and offline!

By the way, with the new business cards I just ordered above, I can also promote my business with this beautiful bag. I like this a lot. It’s perfect to give away on Christmas holidays. What do you think?

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