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How much do business consultants make

how much do business consultants make

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Means of Income

The are a number of ways to earn a respectable income as an fashion consultant. Job seekers, professionals, recently divorced individuals, beauty pageant contestants and television personalities compensate for fashion advice. Businesses seeking an expert to work with individual staff members or a group of employees hire image consultants. Organizations and associations contract fashion consultants for speaking engagements. Additionally, serious aspiring stylists seek the knowledge of established consultants and are willing to pay handsomely for training.

Earning Potential

Fashion consultants' earnings vary considerably, depending in part on geographic location and experience. Hourly rates range from $50 to $500. Choice fashion consultants hired to style photo shoots, movies and stage productions can make as much as $5000 per day.


While a formal education is not required, fashion consultants certified by a reputable institution generally charge and receive more than their counterparts. Potential clients are likely to pay more to those consultants who demonstrate a commitment to the profession.

Outlook for Fashion Consultants

With more individuals and businesses examining ways to gain a leading edge in a fiercely competitive society, the demand for fashion consultants is expected to grow through 2014. More men, in particular, are seeking the services of fashion consultants, creating more opportunities for those entering into the image consulting field.

Expert Insight

To earn top dollar as a fashion consultant, you must always look the part. No potential client will take you seriously if your image is not congruent with the services you offer.

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