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Would I qualify for financial aid?

how much financial aid do i qualify for

Question: I am 26, unmarried, no kids, pay $750 in rent (to my parents, so it is not on paper), $500 car note and the ususal credit card bills and utilities. I make about 40k.


You make quite a bit of money, but you can still apply for financial aid to see if you qualify for it. It never hurts to try.

The best thing for you to do would be to apply for grants and scholarships. These are free sources of money that you don't have to pay back. You can read about them here:

Here are some sites that offer grants and scholarships:

Good luck! 40K is prob to much of an income.


apply anyway.

GOOD LUCK Complete a FAFSA and see how much your EFC is. You can then figure if you can contribute that much to your education, annually. Your rent and car payments don't count!

However remember that is federal aid ---- colleges have scholarships and grants that have different criteria. The only way to know for sure is to apply to a

school and for FA and see what they offer you. you would qualify for some financial aid but not the whole thing maybe a few thousand or hundreds depending on the cost of classes Honestly it really depends. You should go ahead and fill out the FAFSA. Answer all the questions on the form, you can do this on-line. After filling out the FAFSA you will know how much money are are awarded or what loans you are eligible for.

Also, you should contact your school's financial aid office: they will point you in the right direction as far as grants and student loan's and scholarships you might be eligible for.

I would suggest going through your school as far as finding funding for your education. There is alot of scams out there directed at students. Your school is the safest way to go. sure, all is possible. I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here. Good luck!

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