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How much in savings

how much in savings

How much in Savings Should a 23 Year Old Have?

I see all the time on this forum where people have this saved up in this account, and that saved up in another.

So Im going to see where I stand on this, given the indulgence of other CD'ers.

Im 23 years old, in college, working part-time as a cashier. Hours vary week-to-week depending on the "whim" of the manager. I can have anywhere from 12 hours in a week to 39 *This one doesnt happen often at all..makes me sad..and broke.


I make 7.80 an hour, own about $600 worth of

stock (outright. not counting what they've given me because I dont know) in my company, and have a 401k with about $2,000 in it (It was a bit more a couple years ago. stupid economy/stock market.


Is this bad for someone my age? Or is it normal? Any ideas on how to make it better?

Im quite curious after reading other threads.

Any input appreciated.


I just noticed I got the title flubbed up. its supposed to say "How much" :-S

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