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How much is a paypal business account

how much is a paypal business account

Paypal Business Services

A business Paypal account is one of the easiest services to work with and very easy to set up.  It’s also incredibly easy to integrate into your business ecommerce website because a lot of the open source shopping carts come with a Paypal module as default. The Paypal business fees are very competitive; for instance one of the major benefits for you is that you aren’t required to pay anything until you receive your first payment – which is great for any business type, whether start up or established.

With low rates and (sometimes) no monthly Paypal business charges, they can help and have a direct impact on your business bottom line. Some of their offerings mean that you could sidestep some charges like setup fees and downgrade penalties.  Also, you may be eligible for a discounted rate if you’re a non-profit or high-volume merchant (but you will have to check this when you speak to them).

They consistently work behind the scenes to help protect

your business and your customers. Get extra peace of mind with automatic fraud screening and customizable security filters. Also PayPal is ideal for selling overseas and you can accept payments in 22 currencies from 190 countries and markets worldwide!

PayPal lets you sell online to anyone with a credit card. They don’t even need a PayPal account to pay you. Again, just a few more reasons why we would recommend Paypal for business.

*Clicking the ‘Get A Free Quote’ button will take you to the Paypal merchant account website where you will be able to submit an enquiry for someone to give you a call. The link is an affiliate link, so we will get a small commission if you take out their service – to which we will be greatful for if you wish to continue

How Much Does A Paypal Business Account Cost?

Paypal’s services are based in the US – if you have a UK business your account will be set up and managed there.

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