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Cleaning tips from how clean is your house

How to properly clean your home

How to Properly Clean Your House

There are many ways of how to properly clean your house. First of all, different people have different ideas of how to properly clean their houses. Cleaning is based on preferences. For example, below are some of the ideas by various people of how to properly clean a house.

Below are house cleaning tips of how to properly clean a home from a lady who has pleny of experience cleaning homes.

If I have a day to clean my house from top to bottom, I would start with the ceiling. I would take out all furniture that would be affected by any debris or dirt that might fall from the ceiling. Alternatively, I could cover these furniture with cloth before removing the dust from the ceiling.

Next, I would clean the walls. Removing stains and dusts in the process. After cleaning the walls and the ceiling, I would then clean all the furniture. I would use wood protector products on the surface of wood furniture to keep it shiny and clean.

Lastly I would clean the floor. I would vacuum the carpet, sweep and clean the tiles. Alternatively, I could put some wax on wood

parquets. Lastly, I would clean the backyard.

For others, to properly clean a house means to start with the room that needs the most attention

Below are more house cleaning tips from a lady who would focus on the most important room of her house first, a little different from the house cleaning tips above.

For me, it is most important to focus on the kitchen. The kitchen must be the most sanitary because it is the place that bacteria can do the most harm.

I wash all the counters down with Formula 409, wash the sink out with Scrubbing Bubbles, and put all dishes in the dishwasher. I also wash down the stovetop and scrub the floor with the swiffer.

My whole house has wood floors, so I dust with a duster or Endust depending on the surface and then I use Swiffer for wood floors on all the floors. I then clean both the bathrooms. We have a septic system, so we can only use vinegar in the toilets, which I brush about with a toilet brush. I then wash out the tubs and sink with more scrubbing bubbles. I would also collect the laundry and do laundry.

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