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Council tax band b how much

council tax band b how much


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    Council tax - how much?

Council tax - how much?

Last year, we delivered on our promise to deliver a cut in council tax to you.

This year, we have done the same and again, we are one of the few boroughs in London to have cut council tax.

We know that families are having to work hard to make ends meet as the cost of living continues to rise. So, once again we are offering a little extra help back to you in the

form of a small reduction in what you will pay for our services.


As in other London boroughs, the total amount billed for council tax is the sum of two separate charges:

An amount independently set by the Greater London Authority as an amount that London boroughs will pay (the GLA Precept).

An amount set by the council that is needed to cover the local services it delivers on behalf of the community. It also covers the statutory duties the government requires the borough to carry out.

The proportion of council tax payable to the Greater London Authority is adjusted annually along with council tax.

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