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How property taxes are calculated in San Antonio

                                                                                                    Written by: Barbara Robles

Any Texan will tell you that one of the great things about living in Texas is that you don’t pay state income taxes.  Unfortunately, those missing revenues need to be made somewhere—and a large portion of that comes from real estate property taxes. 

In the San Antonio area, different property taxes rates are created by multiple taxing jurisdictions (e.g. the hospital district, the river authority, the flood fund), and the aggregated taxes are then collected

by the state Tax Assessor Collector.  Your actual tax bill will depend on what taxing jurisdictions your home belongs to. 


On average, you will be required to pay between 2.5% and 2.7% of your home’s assessed value in yearly property taxes. So what does this all really mean?  Here are 2 examples that might help clarify:

What's the difference between assessed value and sales price?

The assessed value is used by the county to figure out how much to tax you.   Normally, the assessed  value is lower than the market value or sales price of the home, but that isn't always the case (especially if you're getting a good deal on a home).  


Why are some tax rates higher than others?

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