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How are tax adjustments and deductions calculated

how are tax adjustments and deductions calculated

Payroll Adjustments and Manual Checks


This screen is used to add manual adjustments to your payroll. To access this screen, from the main menu, click on Screen. then choose Employee Adjustments from the drop down menu. Another way to access this screen, from the main menu press your

F7 key. Payroll Adjustments are used to increase or decrease Year to Date or Current Quarter information because an in-house check was written or a check was voided without entering the information into the computer system. The four types of employee adjustments that you may add to your payroll are Manual Checks, Void Checks, Pre Calc Checks, and Company Checks

Adjustment Types

Manual Checks - Choose this item to record a check that has been

previously been written in house. When using this option, contact your service bureau for the correct gross to net figures before entering any information in the system. To enter a manual check, choose Manual Check from the look up box, click on Okay.

Enter the check number, the temporary labor number, the gross, taxes, deductions and net of the check that was written in-house. These amounts should be entered as positive numbers.

Employee YTD and QTD earnings will be increased, but no check will be issued.

In the Paychoice Connection Setup Screen, click on the tab called Options and type in the password. Check the boxes called Allow Adjustments and Voids. Install the Preprocess is it is not installed

Using the Tax Calculator in the Paychoice Connection

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