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How can i efile my taxes

how can i efile my taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

If using electronic debit, be sure to include the correct payment form with your return (IRS: Form Payment; Minnesota: Form Bank; California: No additional form is required - instead, click the "Pay" button on page 2 or 3 of the Form 540 tax form).

If using Pay-by-Mail, print the appropriate form from the above list. A payment voucher can be found at the bottom of the page. Mail your voucher with the payment to the appropriate address.

If you're paying any taxes due by using a credit card, follow the instructions of the service provider you are utilizing.

Absolutely. You can select which returns you want to file by visiting the "Setup -> e-File Options" screen in the software. Note that most states require that you

include a copy of your federal return when you file your state return. To do that, use the "Add Form" button to add blank Federal forms to your return and complete them as if you were going to file both returns. Then, before you send your return, visit the screen mentioned above and indicate that you only want to file your state return.

For this tax year, we are only supporting California and Minnesota tax forms.

Help and Support

If you have questions or require additional assistance with eFile Express, email your question(s) to us at

Obviously, we can only answer questions regarding the use and operation of the software. If you have tax-related questions, contact the IRS, your state taxing authority or a trained tax advisor.

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