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Can You File Back Taxes Online?

how can i file back taxes

Falling behind on your income tax payments can be one of the worst financial problems you will face. The Internal Revenue Service will continue to assess fees and fines, and can even seize property and sentence you to jail time, for failure to pay back taxes or other debts associated with them. If you know that you have some back taxes or unfiled prior year returns, it is best to deal with them as quickly and completely as possible. You may be wondering if you can file back taxes online to save time and help get the process completed. There are some options available which may be of use to you.

How to File Back Taxes Online

  • You can file your back taxes online directly through the IRS website, but this site only allows for filing of taxes that are up to six months late in the current year.

After that, the window for filing back taxes directly online with the IRS is closed, and you will need to consider alternative options. While you can still file your back taxes through a paper filing or an amended return after this point, it is not as convenient or immediate as filing online, and you may incur additional fees or late charges because you have to wait for the IRS to receive your


There are other options for filing your late tax returns online, but they do not use the IRS website:

  • Some companies offer the ability to file previous year’s tax returns online for a fee, and can even provide the older copies of the various forms necessary to file the taxes correctly for those years, even if the forms have changed in the mean time.
  • Sites such as Prior Tax will allow you to file your taxes for the period from 2005 to 2009 online, but if your unfiled taxes predate this period, you may need to file with a paper form or settle the issue directly by visiting your local IRS office.

In any event, if you have unpaid prior year tax debts, you may be able to file them online to settle your obligation with the IRS and get on with your financial life. If you meet the criteria, you can file your back taxes online and correct the problem rapidly.

Getting Help

If you have a more complex tax issue, or if your back tax debts extend further than the preceding five years covered by non-IRS sites, you may wish to consult a tax attorney in order to find out how you should go about settling your account with the IRS on this matter.

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