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When is the earliest I can file my 2013 taxes?

how can i file my taxes

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Thanks to the government shutdown, you will be waiting to file your taxes with the IRS this year. Originally, tax season for the year of 2014 was scheduled to start January 21st. However, on Tuesday the IRS has now revealed that they will not start accepting and processing returns until two weeks later.

This puts your returns being looked at between January 28 and February 4. The IRS is going to try to minimize the delay though. The good news is for those of you who like to file as soon as possible you still can .

You are free to e-file now and be first in line to get your refund when the IRS starts processing tax returns.

Why the Delay?

Tax season has to be delayed since the agency lost three weeks of workdays or sixteen days when the government shutdown was going on. During this period of time 90% of their operations were closed. Therefore, the IRS is still trying to play catch up. They have to make sure that their processing systems are worked on so they can be able to process the flood of tax returns that are going to come in soon.


government shutdown came at the wrong time. When it occurred the IRS was in the stages of preparing their systems for the 2014 tax year according to the agency. When their programmers and testers were deployed more than fifty of their systems could not be checked out.

The bad news is even though they are pushing back the filing deadline the due date for returns to be filed and taxes to be paid is still going to be April 15 so make sure that you are ready to file your taxes on time .

What Tax Payers Think About This

The taxpayer community has mixed feelings about tax season being delayed. Some members feel as though it is no big deal since employers do not have to have the W-2’s out until January 31 anyways. They feel as though they are used to filing around February 1 so their routine is not changed. However, others have some bad things to say about the government shutdown even though it was something that took place in 2013 .

There’s no need to wait to file your taxes. You can get a jump-start on your tax refund on January 2, 2014 by filing your tax return now.

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