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I Did Not File Last Year’s Taxes – Can I File My 2011 Taxes?

how can i file my taxes online

How to file 2011 taxes and get your refund

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes life just gets away from you and before you know it whole years have passed. If that happened to you with your taxes and you still haven’t filed a 2011 return, never fear. You can file right here on PriorTax and even get your refund from the IRS without paying any penalties or interest.

How can I file my 2011 taxes?

Many tax filing websites shut down their applications for prior years as soon as the new tax season starts. Not PriorTax. We keep open our application for all previous years going back to 2005 so you can file for any year you need to, including the current year.

To get started on your 2011 return, just create an account and be sure to select 2011 from the drop-down menu. Then the online application will guide you through your return, with simple prompts that ask you to fill in all the relevant information. Once it has all your info, the application will automatically fill out your return and any other forms or schedules you have to file.

If at any point you need help, our tax experts are available via phone, live chat, and email. When you’re done they’ll review your return to make sure everything looks accurate. Then we’ll give you a copy of your completed return to download.

Unfortunately the IRS does not allow you e-file prior year returns, so you’ll have to print it out and mail it to the


Document retrieval

Have you lost essential documents from 2011 that you need to file your return? No worries. PriorTax can help you get transcripts of prior year tax returns or employment records (including supplemental forms such as a W-2 or a 1099-R).

Requesting the documents only takes a few minutes and most people receive their documents within two business days. You can find more information on our Missing Forms page .

Refunds and debt resolution

The good news for most late filers is that you can still get a refund for 2011 – and if you’re due a refund you won’t even have to pay any late penalties.

If you owe money on the other hand, you may have to pay not only your tax liability, but penalties and interest as well. All told it can get a little overwhelming. If you are being crushed by a back tax debt that you can’t afford to pay, you can have a PriorTax specialist represent you to the IRS and minimize your tax bill. Visit our Tax Resolution Services page for more information.

PriorTax makes every aspect of filing your late taxes as simple as possible. Create an account and see for yourself. It’s free to try!

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