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How can i find my tax file number

how can i find my tax file number

I know this is the number/code from your P60 (B20/somethingorother for example), but how do you find it out if you are self employed? I'm filling in an invoice for somebody and it has been requested. I've scoured all my correspondance with HMRC and my tax returns for the last year or two and can find no mention.

Even if I could find the code - how can I work out the district itself?

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Have you had any of the following items of correspondence -

A Notice to Complete a Self Assessment Tax Return?

A reminder of the above?

An HMRC Statement of Account?

All of these will show -

Your self assessment tax reference (technically called the Unique Tax Reference or UTR). This is a

ten digit number and is always shown on the above documents. The tax district reference is also shown on these types of documents although this is of less relevance these days as all tax returns are now processed centrally and most tax returns are submitted electronically.

How did you complete and submit your tax return?

If you did it electronically, you would have had to use some computer software or even HMRC's own submission screens. When submitting the return electronically, you would have had to use the tax reference when entering the system - so you must have had some record of it somewhere.

If you completed it on paper, the UTR would have been pre-printed on the blank paper return sent to you for completion by HMRC.

Self Assessment tax payslips also show the UTR.

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