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How can i get a copy of my income tax return on 1986

how can i get a copy of my tax return

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There is no way you may get a copy of your 1986 income tax return.

It simply doesn't exists unless you keep your own copy.

However - you might be able to get some information about your income either from the IRS or from SSA.


How can I get the copy from IRS


Generally - transcripts from the IRS are available only for past 6 years .

You still may obtain older information from the IRS - but most likely will need a professional help. You may find here some detailed information about requesting and decoding the Individual Master File (IMF) - .


is the only way to get older information from the IRS system.

Information about your tax account including informational tax returns (W2, 1099's and similar forms) are stored in electronic versions (not actual copies) - so you need to contact a local CPA to help you decoding that information. Sorry - there is no simple solution.

If you are looking only for earning records - you may obtain such records from Social Security Administration. If you need a complete work history - you might want to contact SSA - there would not be any charge if that is for retirement reasons.

Here is information how to request -


Let me know if you need any help.

Please be sure to ask if you need any clarification.

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