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How can i get my old tax returns

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State tax agency

Depending on the age of your tax records, contacting the tax agency in your state is the best place to start to get old state tax records. Different states, though, have different time limits on how long they will maintain copies. Contact the state agency and ask for information on getting old records, what will be on file and how much retrieval and copies will cost. It’s important to remember the state tax agency is not a filing service for you to use if you lose documents. Getting copies of old records is a service, and you should expect to pay a nominal fee. Also, ask your state tax agency if the documents are available through an online database. Some states have started digitizing old records and make access to the public available online. You can use this service to research, find and make hard copies of your records

from your computer. Again, though, this may be a fee-based service.

Accountant or tax preparer



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If your state does not allow old returns to be filed online you will need to find the tax form. There.

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How Do I Get My Old State Tax Records? Tax records are some of the most important financial documents.

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