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Can I get my 2014 tax refund early?

how can i get my tax refund early

Unless you are leaving Australia permanently, or suffering from serious financial hardship, you cannot lodge you tax return and get your 2014 tax refund early.

But if you are an employee or self employed person and want to get your tax refund as fast as possible, then our Instant Tax Refund option is the way to go.

Normally, when you lodge your 2014 tax return either electronically or by posting the paper return, you will have to wait from 12 to 50 days for your tax refund.

After you lodge your tax return, the Tax office has to process it and issue you with a notice of assessment. Then if you are owed a refund it will be sent to you about the same time.

The ATO usually process electronically lodged tax returns within 12 business days of receiving them. But paper based tax returns for individuals can take up to 50 business days from when they are sent.

Don’t want to wait for your 2014 Tax refund?

By using our Instant Tax Refunds service, you can get your 2014 Tax refund on the same day that you lodge the return.

That’s because our trained tax consultants can process your return quickly and calculate what your refund will be. Then they will pay a portion of it into your nominated bank account before the tax office processes the return.  If any balance is owing you will get that too when the return is processed by the ATO.

So make sure you keep this website handy and go to our online application as soon as Payment Summary from your employer, or if you are self employed just make sure you have all of the receipts for your deductions handy.

Remember, the more prepared you are when you fill out our online application, then the faster we can get your 2014 tax refund to you.

Check back on this website before June 30th for our 2014Tax Tips checklist and make sure you are Instant Tax Refund ready.

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