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Find Your Tax Data File in Windows

how can i open a tax file

This article explains how to find a tax data file (.tax file) that was created using the TurboTax CD/Download software for Windows, or was downloaded and saved to your computer from your TurboTax Online account.

If you still can't find your data file and you need a copy of your filed return, you can order a copy from the IRS .

Please note that we're unable to retrieve tax returns that were prepared in TurboTax CD/download software because your data is stored locally. on your hard drive. E-filing does not keep copies of your return on our servers.


To locate your tax file, you will also need to be logged into the same Windows user account you used when you created or saved it.

If you are unsure which account you used when you created or saved your tax file, repeat the steps

below for each account on your computer.

  1. Simultaneously press the Windows+F keys (or go to your Desktop and press F3 ).
  2. Type *.tax2014 (replace 2014 with the appropriate tax-year return you're looking for). 
  3. In the search results, copy down the tax file's location or path. By default, TurboTax saves tax files in the My Documents > TurboTax folder.
    • Tip: Don't double-click the tax file in the search results to open it, as this may cause errors.
  4. After locating the path to the tax file on your computer, open your tax return using the same tax-year version of TurboTax (for example, open your 2012 return in the TurboTax 2012 program, not TurboTax 2011 or 2013).
    • Lost or misplaced your CD or download? Click here for replacement options .

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