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How carbon tax works

how carbon tax works

How a Carbon Tax Works Pt. 1

I came to this site because i thought it was supposed to be unbiased. These videos smudge figures and are like government ads. Australia is the biggest polluter per capita…why is this not stated rather than “Australia is the biggest polluter?” Companies will put prices up – consumers will pay – i get nothing back according to the calculator and i’m a student who earns <10k. It also makes manufacturers who export less competitive…none of these things have been said anywhere.

For the first time in my life I am voting Liberal.  I earn $500 a week and my compensation is $6 a week. Not even a kebab! This is a joike. We are being slugged so wankers who sit on their backsides for a living can feel good about themselves.

Listen to what you are saying learned friend, if you pollute more it will cost you less. Why should we not pay for our impact on our only planet. This tax will make carbon light products more competitive. Why should my rates be so high in disposing of my unnecessary waste, why

should my rubbish bin be full of unnecessary packaging, that is essentially a billboard. Why can’t you ge more out f what you are using?


You know the compensation means you get 6 bucks more than you lose right? So you are better off with the tax? Just call and thank the govt for your kebab   Joking, please don’t abuse me. If you really are struggling, and not just a Liberal PR guy working from home, then you really don’t have too much to worry about from the carbon tax.

the argument isn’t about helping the environment….everyone would agree we should do what we can – but this isn’t the way to go about it. Everyone knows the wastage that occurs when governments implement taxes – i mean they are going to take money from us….then give it back – not very efficient would you agree? How about setting industry relevant standards and then taxing companies that don’t meet them? This way companies have to improve to stay competitive and the bar is constantly pushed higher. Also I’m cheesed because i didn’t get my $950.

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