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How Do Small Business Tax Deductions Work

Publication 946 (2014), How To Depreciate Property – Estates and trusts cannot elect the section 179 deduction. This chapter explains what property does and does not qualify for the section 179 deduction, what …

Franchise Expo South 2014 National Small Business Alliance Credit Card Scam targets small businesses looking for credit – Small businesses looking for credit … realized the credit line was actually coupons, discounts and travel offers, some of which required additional expense or carried strict limitations. The BBB said it gave National Small Business Alliance an "F"rating … Small Business

The immediate tax deduction for assets costing under $20,000 is available to businesses that qualify as a small business entity. This means any business that has

an annual turnover of less than $2 million is classed as a small business entity. In addition …

WORK[etc]: Mission Control For Small Businesses – WORK[etc], (full name WORK[etc] CRM + Projects + Help Desk), is a holistic approach to small business management which … Sales Management is one of the key aspects of WORK[etc] and it does an effective …

She could still assist families with higher ed costs but would have to do so directly … limited the value of deductions to 28 percent, thus raising taxes for those in higher brackets. It is not clear how Clinton’s cap would …

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