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Alabama Tax Id Number

(including small business, internet business, online business, online web sites and home business),

at least get a business license and file a dba and in most cases obtain a tax id number.


    All businesses need an ALABAMA business license, All retailers and wholesalers need a SALES TAX ID also called a seller's permit, All employers need a federal tax id, an Unemployment compensation tax number and state employer tax id number, to report employee wages & All businesses need a trade name business name certificate, also called a dba doing businesses as.
Get Your Tax Id Number & Get a Tax Id Number Today!

a Tax Id Number Number

Legally, you are required to identify your business with one of two numbers: either your Social Security number or an EIN or employer identification tax id number. A Social Security number can be used on all your government tax id number forms and other tax id number official documents, if you are a sole proprietor, but most small business advisors recommend that you apply for a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN) and use that number instead.

Here is where you will need to use this number: All corporations, employers, and those that need to use a business Tax Id Number # instead of their SS#, are required to have it. Also, in tax resale certificates and some other business tax forms. you are required to provide this number.

If You Are Starting a Business, You May Need ANYTHING ELSE?

If you use a name other than your own personal name to operate a business, you are legally required to file

a DBA Certificate. also known as a dba (doing business as) form.

A corporation or llc, is probably the best and cheapest insurance for you and your new small business if you want to limit your civil, tax, and

personal liability.

If you buy or sell wholesale or retail and the goods or items bought or sold are taxable, you need a Reseller License or

If you will hire employees you are required to obtain a federal tax id number (Employer Identification Number EIN) as well as

a state Tax Id Number as well (for California).

In most cases, you are required to get a local

working from home -

but note: 99.9 percent of all businesses are required to have

a business License or business tax registration certificate

( both the same).

Federal Employer Identification Tax Number

Every person who pays one or more employees and who has not an identification number must file an employer identification number. The application must be filed by those who wish to pay wages on or before the seventh day after the date on which business begins. The federal employer identification number will also be needed for use on Alabama tax forms. To obtain a federal identification tax number contact us.

Alabama Sales Tax Number

Anyone who sells tangible personal property and collects sales tax must have an Alabama sales tax number. To obtain an Alabama sales tax number contact us.

Alabama Income Tax Withholding Number

Any business that hires employees needs an Alabama income tax withholding number to hold and send the taxes withheld to the Department of Revenue. To obtain an Alabama income tax withholding number contact us.

Unemployment Compensation Tax Number

The unemployment compensation tax number is needed in the event that an injury is incurred by someone in your company. This number is used for identification purposes when a report is filed with the Department of Industrial Relations. To obtain an unemployment compensation tax number contact us.

State Tax Id Number / Employer Id Number EIN

Wholesale License Number / Resale / Reseller's License / Tax Id Number

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