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Thread: quick answer needed please-do I cancel my council tax benefit claim tomorrow.

how do i cancel my council tax

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quick answer needed please-do I cancel my council tax benefit claim tomorrow.

Hi! have posted on here recently about being self employed and proving my earnings to the local council as we claim a bit of council tax allowance. The full amount of council tax payable per week on my property is 18.50 a week, and I currently get 7 pounds a week help, so pay 11.50 a week.

since I have been self employed almost 2 years ago, the council have constantly demanded proof of income. getting me to fill in countless forms, doing home visits, etc, then they STILL mess my claim up! this year alone, they have had me paying different amounts, from 20 pounds a month to 96 a month (dont know why 96, that is more than the full council tax amount!)

After a home visit a couple of weeks ago, I sat for an hour answering numerous questions, provided bank statements, hubby's wage slips, etc, told her how many hours a week I work and how much I earn.

I then had to go into the offices a week later and fill out a self employed earnings form.

I work 16 hours a week, have 3 children, a dog and a cat, and get no help from hubby with housework, so I really dont need all the aggravation as it is.

Received the new award letter today, most of the information on it is wrong! it states that I told them I earn 70 pounds a week, and I actually earn 110, which I told the benefits officer during her home visit.

Also, it is giving

the amounts in our bank accounts wrong. There is hardly anything in them, as we proved when we showed them to the visiting officer, and it states that I have an account at the Alliance and Leicester bank with 300 quid in it. I closed that account about 18 months ago!

As they only have me down as earning 70 quid a week, I am going in tomorrow to amend this and tell them I actually earn 110, but am now worried I will be in trouble, although I gave all correct info!

The new award letter is saying that we will still get 7 pounds a week council tax allowance, but I am seriously considering cancelling my claim and paying the full weekly amount, as the hassle is stressing me out. I have enough on my plate, and dont need this. If I go in tomorrow and cancel the claim, will they get funny and demand a reason? They might think I have loads of cash stashed away (I wish!) or am earning loads (again, I wish!)Also, I am worried there will have been an overpayment of council tax allowance, and I will owe hundreds.

Will they be understanding if I just explain that for the sake of 7 quid a week, I have neither the time or energy to be trudging to the council offices every 5 minutes?

Has anyone else cancelled their claim because of a similar situation, and what was the outcome? If I need to claim again in the future, would I be allowed?

luckily, I own my house outright due to an inheritance so no rent to pay, and obviously receive no housing benefit.

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