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How do I change my address with the IRS

how do i change my address with the irs

Are you moving? Then you need to change your address with the IRS.

Peter Dazeley

If you are moving, you doubtlessly have put together a long check-list of what needs to be done. Changing your address with the Post Office is likely one of the items on there.

Here is a new one for you to add to the list: Change your address with the IRS.

Because of the sensitive information contained in Federal mail, most post offices will not forward IRS mail to your new address, even if you have filled out a forwarding address request. Expected tax documents, refund checks or time sensitive letters may be returned to the IRS as undeliverable.

There are a few different ways to advise the IRS of your new address. Form 8822 can be printed off of the IRS web site and sent in. This form can be used to change both a personal or business address. If you have both a physical address and a PO Box, enter only the address where you receive your mail.

Line 5 on the 8822 also asks if you are making a name change. Although you can indicate a change in your last name here, such as swapping your maiden name to your married name, be sure to also change your name with Social Security Administration. IRS records are updated by Social Security, and failing to change your name could lead to various problems with your tax filing and they way income is


Another more old-school way of correcting your address is to make a pen and ink change on your tax filing booklet that came pre-printed to you in your mail. Since the majority of taxpayer’s take advantage of various electronic filing options, less and less booklets are sent out annually by the IRS. If you are a paper filer, make sure the name change is legible and complete.

Alternatively, if you already have an open dialogue with the IRS relating to an account issue or a balance due situation, you can simply give them your new address over the phone.

If you are calling for the first time about a delinquent tax balance, you will be prompted to first verify the address on the last return you filed, along with your name, Social Security Number and date of birth. Thereafter you can provide your new address orally and a change will be made.

If you are a self-employed individual and have been making estimated tax payments using pre-printed IRS 1040-ES vouchers, you will also need to file Form 8822. Once done, the IRS will start to send your payment vouchers to your new address. Do not simply write your new address on the voucher; the 8862 form is needed to make a change in this case.

Remember too that an address change should also be made with your employer and bank. W-2 and other tax documents sent by any payers may wind up being misdirected or returned if you do not.

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