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How do I notify the DVLA if I buy a new or used vehicle?

how do i check if a vehicle is taxed

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It is necessary to register a vehicle with the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) when a vehicle has been:

  • purchased
  • built
  • re-constructed or changed
  • imported.

The forms required to be completed and sent to the DVLA depend on the circumstances.

If a new vehicle is bought, the dealer will ordinarily organise the registration of the vehicle to the buyer.

The manner in which a used vehicle is registered depends on whether it has a registration (V5C) certificate.

If the vehicle is accompanied by a V5C, the seller must do the following:

  • complete section 6 of the V5C, which is the ‘new keeper or new name/new address details’ portion
  • sign the declaration in section 8
  • complete section 10 of the V5C (also known as V5C/2, which is the ‘new keeper supplement’ section) and give it to the buyer
  • send the V5C to the DVLA.

The turnaround time for the DVLA

to send out the new V5C to the buyer is within 14 to 28 days of receiving the old V5C from the seller, failing which the buyer should complete form V62 ‘Application for a vehicle registration certificate’ and send it to the DVLA with the V5C/2. (This will incur a fee if the V5C/2 does not accompany form V62, which is available from the Post Office and for download from the DVLA website.)

If the new V5C is not received six weeks after sending in form V62, the buyer should notify the DVLA immediately. If the vehicle is not accompanied by a V5C, the buyer should register the vehicle in their name using form V62. A fee is payable with this application. The buyer should allow six weeks to pass before contacting the DVLA about not receiving a new V5C.

Upon receipt of the new V5C, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check that all the details are correct.

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