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How to obtain free car tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) in a disabled class

how do i claim my road tax back

Only for people on the higher rate of DLA, WPMS, Enhanced mobility pip (100% exemption) OR standard mobility pip (50%) Exemption.

The way you get your free vehicle tax has changed

This page tells you how to tax your vehicle in the free disabled class. You can only tax one vehicle in disabled class at any one time.

About the vehicle

The vehicle must be used only for your needs – the person with the illness or disability. The vehicle must be used only for your direct benefit.

Different rules apply to the Blue Badge Scheme. Find out more on Blue Badge eligibility.

Who can claim?

The 100% exemption is only for people on Higher Rate DLA Mobility Component,War Pensioners Mobility Supplement, Enhanced Mobility PIP. Those in receipt of Standard Rate Mobility PIP are entitled to a 50% discount.

  • The vehicle must be only used for the benefit of the person with exemption.
  • The vehicle doesn’t have to belong to the person.
  • The vehicle's registered keeper should claim the exemption.

The vehicle's registered keeper could be:

  • You – the person with the illness or disability, or
  • Someone else who uses their vehicle only for your needs

The Entitlement Certificate

You need to obtain a certificate of entitlement to DLA (or PIP) in order to apply for the exemption, this should be sent through automatically. If you don’t have one you can request one by calling:

DLA (Disability Living Allowance) helpline

Telephone: 0345 712 3456

Textphone: 0345 722 4433

PIP (Personal Independence Payment) helpline

Telephone: 0345 850 3322

Textphone: 0345 601 6677

War Pension, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency

Telephone: 0800 169 22 77

You or the registered keeper do not need to get a Certificate of Entitlement every year but you will need to use the serial number that is shown on the original certificate. Keep this number in a safe place. You or the registered keeper will need to use the serial number each year to renew in the disabled class. ( If you are changing your car, or taxing it in the disabled class for the first time, you will need a new Certificate of Entitlement the first time

you tax it.)

How to claim

Even if you don’t need to pay vehicle tax you still need to register for the tax exemption each year. From October 2014, no paper tax disc will be issued, but it will show on the DVLA database whether or not you have renewed the tax.

100% EXEMPTION: If you're taxing a particular vehicle in the disabled class for the first time you CANNOT do this online or by phone. You can only do this at a Post Office branch that issues road tax.

About three weeks before your tax runs out you should receive a V11 form - the renewal reminder of Road Tax or SORN – from DVLA. Use the V11 reminder to renew your vehicle tax online, by phone, or in person. If you don’t have a V11 reminder, you should use your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) instead.

You'll also need the surname, date of birth and National Insurance number of the exemption certificate holder along with the certificate serial number.

50% EXEMPTION: If you are entitled to the 50% discount, then you can ONLY obtain this by send the appropriate paperwork to DVLA, Swansea, S99 1DZ.

You must send them the following:

  • Your statement of entitlement (at the end of your PIP award letter)
  • the vehicle registration certificate (V5C)
  • a V10 form
  • certificate of insurance or covernote (downloaded or faxed copies are fine, but no photocopies)
  • original MOT or GVT certificate (if your car needs one)
  • a cheque or payable order (made out to DVLA Swansea) for 50% of the full rate of car tax for the vehicle. You can find that here


Contact the DVLA by:

To find the address of your local DVLA office:

  • Go the website. or
  • Phone 0300 123 1277 and give your postcode.

To find the address of your nearest Post Office that issues vehicle tax

  • Go to the website or
  • Phone 08457 223344 or
  • Write to: DLA Unit, Warbeck House, Warbeck Hill, Blackpool, FY2 0YE

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